Late Leibster Award

Thank you meliamay – you are a sweetie.

Short and sweet, heres my answers


  1. Whats your favourite colour? Black
  2. Whats your proudest achievement? The place I am in my life.
  3. Whats Your Favourite Beauty Product? Lush Angels on Bare Skin
  4. A random fact about you? I can speak Turkish
  5. Whats your dream job? Everyone wants to be the boss
  6. Whats your favourite season and why? Summer – Late sunsets
  7. Whats your favourite food? Falafel ❤
  8. Whats is your favourite memory? My Grandad ❤
  9. If you could time travel, and you could go back in time for one day, what day would you choose and why? To be with my Grandad – No explanation needed
  10. Whats your favourite post you’ve written? They were all fun to write!
  11. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? Lioness. Again, explanation needed? 😉

As I was so late posting this, Im not going to nominate anyone but I would like to know anyones thoughts/comments on Lush products?

Clarins – Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream

Clarins – Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream

I have found my new love!

Today I had a consultation with the Clarins beauty counter at boots. They’re promoting a 5 minute consultation with free samples to take home and try for yourself!

If your thinking of getting a beauty consultation, PLEASE ask the beauty expert to show you the Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream.

This gentle “peel” face mask smoothes away impurities with natural clay, delivering immediate radiance to all skin types, even the most sensitive. Soothing Primrose extract definitely helps maintain an ideal pH balance to ensure clean, comfortable, radiant skin in no time at all. – See more at:

The beauty expert demonstrated the effect on my hand and I was blown away. The peel works by smoothing away any dead skin cells that are left behind or develop throughout the day. You literally see all of the pesky skin cells that cause a dull complexion come away with a quick smooth and rinse technique. It’s so satisfying.

I suffer from small white bumps under the skin and after a lot of research I believe they are called milia; a condition that occurs when your skin doesn’t naturally exfoliate itself properly. As a result, I have a need to exfoliate more than others and this product has made my life so much easier. YAY CLARINS.

The full size version retails at £25, but its so worth going to boots for the consultation, you never know what other beauty gems you might find!

Have any of you tried the smooth away cream before? if so, what are your thoughts?

#Highlighter – Honey Bronze – The Body Shop

#Highlighter – Honey Bronze – The Body Shop

I cant believe i have neglected The Body Shop for all this time! This highlighter is such a good find.

I’ve been wearing a highlighter from The Body Shop’s collection for about a week and I’ve had loads of great compliments about my skin!

I use Honey Bronze in Golden for my cheekbones, nose and chin. What I love about the product is firstly its value and secondly its a great competitor in the highlighter game. The creamy texture makes the contours of my face shine, just the right amount.

At this point, if you notice my lack of description on this product an wonder why i’m writing this post at all; it’s to tell you that you can get 40% off the normal price of £8 making my favorite highlighter only £4.80!! I bought 3! USE CODE – 14317

If this product was MAC, it would defiantly be sold out.

You’re welcome!!

Ole Henriksen – Feel Unique Haul Part 1

Ole Henriksen – Feel Unique Haul Part 1

I’ve been wanting to try Ole Henriksen’s skin care range for a while now. After watching and reading countless reviews on how amazing this range is for blemishes and old scars, i decided to give it a go. Of course, I got mine from my favorite website Feel Unique.

This post is not a product review and I intend to do a post on my thoughts later as the Ole Henriksen page on feel unique boasts transformation of your skin within 7 days and I’ve read reviews that back that up.

My first Ole Henriksen product(s) that I’ve bought is the Celebrate The Works set. The set is AMAZING value for money at £27.30 (30% off!!) with a overall value of over £100! If your already interested click the link here to get yours.

My first impressions of this set is that is a great addition to my skincare routine as it includes the 3 best sellers; and also the loved African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser & Ultimate Eyelift Gel.

Firstly, i have been dying to get a eye cream that’s for the night time and with such a large selection of eye creams that promise the world, choosing one can be quite hard so I am really pleased that this is included in the set. The same kind of idea goes with the Invigorating Night Treatment Gel.

I’m really looking forward to finding my favourite’s and buying the full size products.

If you already have Ole Henriksen products and are looking to renew or top up your collection head over to Feel Unique’s Ole Henriksen page here for amazing discounts and great value gift sets.

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Deluxe food box – Flavourly

Deluxe food box – Flavourly

I love subscription boxes. I love food. The two together? YES.

Flavourly Food is a monthly box which delivers a selection of new and inspiring recipes and tools to your door for £20 a month.

Some of the items I have received in the past are; Hari Ghotra’s curry kit, ginger coconut sugar, award winning lemon rapseed oil, the list goes on. My favourite was definitely the curry kit because cooking from scratch is so much better than a jar curry sauce but the measurements and ingredients are sometimes expensive and hard to get. The curry kit puts everything you need, measured, into a bag ready for you to make a delicious home made curry.

What i love about Flavourly itself is that they deliver good quality ”out there” food that really work, but i wouldn’t have picked up on my monthly shop.

If you don’t believe how great it is, order one for yourself for only £10 for your first box with over £40 value. Click here. Enjoy!

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Bronze eyeliner – Eye of Horus #expertbudget #shortpost

Bronze eyeliner – Eye of Horus #expertbudget #shortpost

I recently wrote a post about Dr Lipp’s nipple balm which I chose to receive in my Love Me Beauty box.

Love Me Beauty is a monthly or one off subscription box where you can choose the items in exchange for credits. You can take a look here. Whats more is that if you like it you can use my promocode KEELY736 to receive £21 worth of credits when you sign up!

Currently featuring in their boutique is a brand called Eye of Horus. I chose to receive the Bronze Amulet which I have been using for a good couple of weeks. I think the bronze pencil is much more flattering than a jet black pencil. I find that black pencil smudges to look like you have worse dark circles than you woke up with by 11.30.

If you like the idea of a more bronze natural look head over to love my beauty using the link and my promo-code above and grab yours! Or if your not interested in Love Me Beauty you can get the eye pencil from the Eye of Horus website here, retailing at $30. Although, I think the Love Me Beauty box is a much better deal as you can spend your other credits on brands such as Nuxe & Dr Lipp.

#expertbudget #shortpost

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Disclaimer: Once again, I am by no means a beauty expert or english grammar professional. My posts are focused around what trends I’m feeling & beauty budgeting.